Monday, March 3, 2014


Well... This past week has been one of the most eventful weeks I've had on a mission... SO MUCH HAPPENED!

First off, to begin the week on Monday we were playing basketball in Potsdam. And i guess i was just being to big of a baller and sprained MY ANKLE! straight up popped out and i fell on my face... so that hurt. But i couldn't let it interfere with the work up here so i just grabbed some crutches and toughed it out! Some one has to show these new guys where everything is! haha (My whole foot is blue it looks so cool)

We also found out the source of Elder Davis' itching. We went to a dermatologist this Wednesday (FINALLY). we thought he had a hair Pholical Infection but,Turns out he has.... SCABIES!  Which are like microscopic spider things that make you itch constantly! which meant we were all possibly exposed... SO WE FREAKED OUT! Elder Blames this all on Missionary Medical it's hilarious. Now elder Neus has it and im the only one that's not infected... so we have to wash everything we wear and sleep on everyday. We start our treatment today so they are very VERY excited! All three of us have been super paranoid lately haha Elders Davis and Neus look like drug addicts because they cant sleep and they itch their skin all the time! .... Elder Davis said "This should've been a plague in Egypt" ahahaha
Other than ALL THAT we have been working hard trying to find new investigators and trying potentials. As well as setting all our investigators with baptismal dates! We are so excited. This last Sunday we picked up 6 new investigators! Although it was tough at first to teach in a trio, it sure is paying off now! haha We all get along Very well. It's amazing how much the work picks up when you get along with your companion! it feels like you are just hanging out  with a friend but you are spreading the gospel in ways you couldn't before. ITS GREAT!
We also split the area here in Massena. It is now a car share area. So some days we walk some days we  drive. we will be moving into another apartment...significantly smaller but no matter! haha Elder Neus and I will now be in Massena West! So that's exciting!
But thats about it...
I hope you all have a great week, and NEVER get scabies....I would not wish that upon anyone haha...
P.s did you know that in the old testiment, these kids were making fun of Elisha because he had a bald head. So these 2 momma bears killed the kids? its weird... look it up haha (2 kings 2:23)

-Elder Jepsen

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