Monday, November 25, 2013

Very Last E-mail from the Good Ole MTC... FEELS GOOD.

This will be my very last E-mail from the good ole MTC... FEELS GOOD. I'm so glad i was able to be here for the time i was! i've met so many amazing people! annnnnnnd im so glad it was only 2 weeks... i'm pretty sure i'd go even more crazy than i already am. haha But it turns out that the week we leave, Jeffery R. Holland is coming to speak on Thanksgiving... so no big deal. I'ts not like HE'S THE BEST SPEAKER EVER!! but its alright cause we are all pretty excited to leave tonight! its going to be a long flight and our travel leader has never even been in a airport in his life, so we'll see how that goes. 
This last week in the MTC has been amazing we have been teaching investigators left and right! it's getting so much easier. I have grown so much, just by being here 2 weeks! i wouldnt trade this experience for anything in the world! My testimony grows so much every day! mostly thanks to our teacher, Brother frost. He is the biggest stud ive ever met! AND HE'S HUGE! We call him Jacked Frost because hes so Ripped! he's such a cool guy, ive never met anyone who loves the Boise mission so much... haha
My companion and i have become so close the last 2 weeks, we already have all these business plans for after the mission. but we dont really talk about the new transfer because it makes us really mad! We have grown so close to everyone in the district, they all come to us with there problems and we try to comfort them and give them blessings. We are Mega blessing pros now! haha 
It feels so great to Have the spirit in our lives every second of everyday! makes me kind of never want to leave my mission! haha im kidding... i need my jdawgs someday! Thank you to all of those who supported me and encouraged my decision it means the world to me!
So I depart tonight and head to Utica!! it will take us almost all day. And they are 2 hours ahead of us so it will most likely be 8 o'clock by the time we get to the mission home. So when i write next it will be in NEW YORK!! Sooo if you want a souvenir just let me know! (not really.. im kinda poor right now) But i can write soooo... hint hint haha
Oh, by the way My p-day's are now on Mondays from now on! so there ya go!
I hope every thing is going well back home!..fill me in,.,,
until next week!!
Elder Jepsen.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"I'm Alive!!!"

Wow... the M.t.c... What an a amazing place! The second you walk in here you instantly feel the spirit and it never leaves! I love it! But thats probably because im only here for 2 weeks. some Elders are here for 12 and they look like they are dying! They keep us sooooooo busy here with no time to ourselves. which in a way is a good thing i guess we have 16 hour days with 3 meals a day and they feed us very well... its all you can eat so im pretty much loving it here. ha its kinda what we look forward to here! ha sorry i couldnt email yesterday, they changed our p-day to Tuesday and its our only p-day so thats a bummer...but our travel plans are official, we leave on the 26th at 3:30 in the morning to New york. We have a layover in detriot and then its off to Syracuse! we are pretty worried about packing for the plane.. Because of all the fees but i think we'll be alright! we'll say a prayer haha. This first week in the MTC was pretty crazy, and very stressfull they put a lot on your plate, especially for 2 weekers. On thursday they wasted no time and interviewed My companion and i and made us Zone Leaders! so that gave us even more responsibility.. haha!
My companions name is Elder Adam, and i couldnt ask for a better companion! we are alot alike and we get along real well. he is super funny and we really push eachother. We are teaching 2 investigators, 1 an actor and another a real investigator and we teach really well together! i hope the mission pres. makes us companions at one point....
Everyone in our Zone is pretty much all gone they all went to Australia and indianapolis. But we get 2 weeks worth of missionaries tomorrow because they dont send in missionaries the week of thanks giving. So we have to show them around, make them comfortable and kinda freak them out a bit! our District gets along really well we go everywhere together! and get sick all together! we all came down with some weird cold... its been a big challenge. We also had a chance to go through the Provo temple and it was just straight up amazing! we all instantly felt better. 
but I have seen alot of old friends here! its great to see familiar faces! But to Tell you the truth, my comp. and i, i think are kind of getting some type of cabin fever... we are kinda going crazy! we just want to be in the field already. 
My testimony has grown so much, just being here for 1 week! we have so many spiritual experiences! its so great. I wish i could tell you more but i dont have much time, it took half the time typing in the emails haha and i still didnt get them all so, by all means forward it to who you seem fit!
I hope everything is going great back home! Feel free to fill me in! I would love to hear from you!

P.S. i would send pictures but the computers here wont let me yet, so be ready for a lot of pics next week!!

Love always, Elder Jepsen

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

MTC Bound

Today Elder Jepsen officially entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah! We are so proud of him and his decision to devote two years of his life to serve the Lord and the people in the Utica mission. We know that as he proceeds forth in this work that he will learn and grow in many capacities and be able to help many along the way. We love you Elder Jepsen. See you in two!
Drop-off! Bittersweet!
Photo Cred: Paul Jepsen
Last family photo for two years!