Monday, June 30, 2014

Crazy times in humid NY

First off I'm sorry my Email might be a little short today. The library is SUPER busy and people are beginning to get hostile over computers so i might have to make this quick...
We had a CRAZY week here!
Elder Hutchinson got to say goodbye to as many of the people as he could before he left. He seemed a little nervous and didn't want to leave, but I know he will do so well in his new area. 
On transfers day we drove down to Gloversville NY to Exchange so Elders Hutchinson and Longwill could go to transfers. Elder Garberg and I both worked in Gloversville and LET ME TELL YOU! It was soooooooo Hot and humid! I thought i was going to Swell up like a sponge and DIE!! But then a tender Mercy occurred and we reached our apartment right before 7 inches of rain came down in 15 minutes! Granted we were wet... but not 7 inches of soaking!
It ended up raining the whole ride to Schenectady then to Albany and Cohoes.
Where i Met My new Companion Elder Davis! He is really cool. He is from California and is 22 years old and NEVER BEEN ON A DATE! still blows my mind! haha HE is a very Diligent and Obedient Missionary and our District leader so we get along well. We have been walking everywhere trying many people, Updating our records the whole 9 yards to get this area the Pick-me-up it needs! Elder Davis isn't used to all this walking so he's pretty sore. haha I'm just glad its not me anymore! We have also done A lot of service lately! we helped 2 families move in 2 days and helped with our Ward mission leaders yardwork. Our boy Reptar the Rooster Helped us out alot haha. 
This sunday we talked a lot about Geneology and why it is so important. So my Commitment for all is to get lost in the addicting fun of Genealogy and find those super sweet stories of your ancestors with funky hair! You'll Love it!!
I hope You all have a wonderful spirit filled week!
Elder Jepsen
ps. This glorious picture below is of this she-bear/Hellhound that wanted my farmers tan flesh so bad it tried to eat through the fence.

This is probably the "Koolest" graffiti ever seen in NY!!

Monday, June 23, 2014


What a Crazy week!!
We got our transfer calls on Saturday, and found out Elder Hutchinson is being transferred!!!! He is Reopening the area in Owego. I was so Surprised.. haha I was sure we were going to be together for 2 but president had other plans haha.
So an Elder Davis is coming to take his place and be the District leader here. I was so re leaved when I heard he was going to be the district leader haha everyone said it was going to be me...WHEW! safe:)

But besides the crazy news, we had a pretty good week here!

We also had a good meeting with the Bishop to update the Ward Roster, we went through all the names and contributed our info on all the people we have contacted and who has moved and whatnot. That was really good. I had been bugging our ward clerk and the bishopric about getting together and updating this HUGE roster as of late and they finally gave in haha. YES!;)

Then on Thursday we had our Zone Meeting. Which went really well, All the districts in our zone gave training's, it went really well. We have been pounding this new teaching method into our brains every Zone meeting and We are seeing great results from it.

We had many opportunities to go on splits a couple times this week and further the work in the area! Which i was more than happy about. We tried to contact one of our investigators with a baptismal date all week, but she wouldn't answer her phone so we drove to her house to behold a disappointing sight... All her windows and doors were covered and there were no trespassing signs all over and when we knocked on the door we saw someone peek through the blinds then slowly close them again.. Our investigator finally snapped.. we knew she was borderline crazy but, she lost it. The lord works in marvelous ways and does it all for a reason. We may not see this greater purpose, but he does.

Also we have been helping at a soup kitchen lately in a Protestant church. And it has been going so well, Everyone is always asking us questions and is curious about what we do. Granted half of them are Legitly CRAZY but eh, what do ya do. But after A Man named Ted a Bible thumper and a minister and I were talking about the times and about the bible (as well as this weird guy who always ties things back to the government). And Eventually i look up around us and there were people standing all around us just listening and nodding their heads in amazement. They couldnt believe such young men could talk about God in such a Mature, Sophisticated manor with such wise old men! hahaha IT was really interesting, Because i didnt think twice about it. It's what we do. As missionaries its our Duty to invite others unto Christ and to talk of Christ. 
It got me thinking though, About 200 years ago talking about God on a intellectual level was the social norm. But overtime people have put worldly things before god. They worship False gods. Too caught up in the Philosophies of men.
So It is all of our duties, as disciples of Christ to share that knowledge we have attained through Gods Good Grace to all men. As it says in Isaiah 61:1
The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hathanointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to thecaptives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound. 

I Pray that we will proclaim liberty to those who are captive, and spread the Gospel abroad!
I hope you all have an amazing week!
I love you all!
Elder Jepsen

This is the Erie canal! we snuck onto! 
And the DREADED MOUSE!... its not the ROUS but its close... (WARNING- a bit disturbing. ) 

....sorry for posting the picture. Jake would kill me if I didn't....

Monday, June 16, 2014

Rain...Rain and More Rain!

.... It's rained a lot here... Many a time have we been drenched in it's glory! haha We call it wife points. The longer we work in the rain, the hotter our wife gets! hahahahaaaa we walk everywhere... I feel 10x older than i actually am. I never thought i would ever have to complain about my Hips, knees, and ankles aching. But, its a daily occurrence haha

This past week was a good week! Just an ordinary missionary week! We worked hard taught some lessons, we have a new investigator with a baptismal date and also had to drop one of our other dates with an investigator. 

Oh Elder Hutchinsons birthday was Saturday so we got to celebrate it at a members house with Chinese food and good times! I made him cake which consisted of a Granola Bar and A Match(for a candle) It was pretty memorable! Hahaha 

After all the rain it flooded here! It was crazy! we walked by the Cohoes Falls, the second largest fall in the U.S. A (they pride themselves with that) And it was massive! I have some pictures i'll post! We also had an awesome Missionary man grillout at a members house and their random Rooster we name "Reptar" Shared some good times with us! haha Pictures to come! 

You  make the greatest memories when serving a mission and i wouldn't trade that with anything!:) My wish for all of you would be, To be full of gratitude! Never take what you have and the family and friends you have for granted! Count your blessings:) 
  • Be ye thankful:Col. 3:15;
  • I Hope you all have a wonderful week and Take care! HAPPY BELATED FATHERS DAYYYY!!!!! btw... LOVE YOU DAD!!!
  • Love ya Byyyyyyyye now!
  • Elder Jepsen
 Cohoes Falls, the second largest fall in the U.S.A

This is Reptar and his "ha right..."  face! haha 
He also puked when i fed him an angus burger... i thought it best if i didnt upload that.

The second picture is of FINN!!!! One of the many Troy chalk drawings. I just love the Message he shares. Couldn't have said it better..

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Exchanges,Bullet holes,gay guys and Fun!

This week was so great!
We were so busy! We picked up 3 new investigators and our number of lessons doubled we tracked down many of our Less actives and some good times along the way in the Hot Humid climate of the Capitol land.
Earlier in the week i went on exchange with Elder Ledford in Downtown Albany. That was amazing! The architecture the sculptures the people it's crazy! I wanted to take pictures so bad but my camera died! uuughhh I was so bummed. But we had an awesome dinner with Janaro a member who cant speak English. That was hilarious. we couldn't understand each other but we had a good time! Then a giant storm hit and we had to walk from his house to the chapel about1.5 miles in the rain. I honestly couldnt tell if it was the rain or my own sweat, it's that humid...
Anyways after the exchange i was finally back with Elder Hutchinson and we taught lessons found new people and met a really cool guy named damain on the bus. He just couldnt stop praising the work we do. He talked super loud and openly just shared his secrets of why he doesnt go to church and his addiction to sex and whatnot. Then he begins to lift up his shirt and show all of his bullet holes ... he ad like 9 bullet hole sand a giant scar!!! I was like... geez man take a hint! stop breaking the law of CHASTITY! haha
Later in the week we were teaching a lesson with one of our new investigators on her porch, when her neighbor come out and and says... "oh yesssss.. The lord answered my prayersss" This guy had NOOOO problem showing off his sexuality as he passes back and forth saying "mmmmm" MMyou best get them off our porch before i do... as he smiles creepily... He said some other very inappropriate things i wont divulge. Satan works in some weird freakin ways... hahaha
So overall a good week:)
Anyways my computer is about to shut down... But i hope you all have a great week! and READ THE SCRIPTURES!
Elder Jepsen

This is actually where i email. an old church that is now a super SICK library with a Mastodon and terrible computers!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

WHEW! This week flew by!

IT'S JUNE!! That's crazy! 
I hope you ALL had a great week this past week!:)
I know we did! We had a bunch of great stuff happen this last week, and let me just tell you first off the Lord DOES answer are prayers! haha Cause wow did he answer ours!
We Finally got a hold of All our investigators and scheduled appointments with all of them. We also had Some great lessons which was definitely a breath of fresh air.
One of our Investigators Ann, she is somewhat of an elderly lady. Loves it when we come over and Share the gospel with her. Besides her Vendetta with her neighbor across the street, (she thinks that her neighbor has it out for her, So she thinks because he is a judge he is power hungry)  She is pretty solid! She came to church this Sunday. and with it being fast and testimony meeting, She heard all the amazing testimonies of our members and she started to cry and cry! Then after the meeting i explained to her it was the Holy Ghost testifying to her that what she was hearing was the truth! Then she said " i absolutely love it here" She has committed to be baptized June 21st. We are so exited for her!
As the weeks go on the more and more I fall in love with the ward here! They are so good to all the missionaries here! We have 3 sets of Elders and 1 set of Sisters, And they spoil us all:)
We had an awesome meal appointment with these members the Alexanders. They have an Amazing house in the middle of the woods I was in heaven! We had so much fun. I just told them a bunch of my stupid stories which they thought were hilarious... I've been fed Mexican food after Mexican food! which i am so grateful for!! I have tried Rhubarb pie and Japanese Curry! 
AHHH it was sooo amazing! There is a reason we walk 10 miles a day now....

A little bit about my area, We live in Cohoes On historical Van Shaick Island In an old Factory. On the west side of our area we have Cohoes and to the North There is Waterford and to the East there is North troy (lansingburgh). The Burg is where we play alot of Basket ball and see alot of weird stuff... haha it's great! Annnnnd we don't go there after dark. There are shooting's and stabbing's there often. BUT we run fast so it's okay;)
There is a book i have been reading lately that i just can't put down! Its called The Highly Effective missionary by Dave c Covey.
And it has changed my idea of missionary work! IT just got me so pumped to just go out and work! It correlates  with Preach my Gospel and Helps with thinking outside the box. I love it! 
There is this ...Bold... Door approach that i want to implament soon so i will let you all know how it goes! ... haha
I hope you all have an amazing week! and Always strive to be Bold and Share your beliefs with others!:) 
Love ya all!
-Elder Jepsen

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 Cohoes! a view from the Island!:)

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Sweet Sweet Elder Hutchinson and I taking a selfie...