Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Exchanges,Bullet holes,gay guys and Fun!

This week was so great!
We were so busy! We picked up 3 new investigators and our number of lessons doubled we tracked down many of our Less actives and some good times along the way in the Hot Humid climate of the Capitol land.
Earlier in the week i went on exchange with Elder Ledford in Downtown Albany. That was amazing! The architecture the sculptures the people it's crazy! I wanted to take pictures so bad but my camera died! uuughhh I was so bummed. But we had an awesome dinner with Janaro a member who cant speak English. That was hilarious. we couldn't understand each other but we had a good time! Then a giant storm hit and we had to walk from his house to the chapel about1.5 miles in the rain. I honestly couldnt tell if it was the rain or my own sweat, it's that humid...
Anyways after the exchange i was finally back with Elder Hutchinson and we taught lessons found new people and met a really cool guy named damain on the bus. He just couldnt stop praising the work we do. He talked super loud and openly just shared his secrets of why he doesnt go to church and his addiction to sex and whatnot. Then he begins to lift up his shirt and show all of his bullet holes ... he ad like 9 bullet hole sand a giant scar!!! I was like... geez man take a hint! stop breaking the law of CHASTITY! haha
Later in the week we were teaching a lesson with one of our new investigators on her porch, when her neighbor come out and and says... "oh yesssss.. The lord answered my prayersss" This guy had NOOOO problem showing off his sexuality as he passes back and forth saying "mmmmm" MMyou best get them off our porch before i do... as he smiles creepily... He said some other very inappropriate things i wont divulge. Satan works in some weird freakin ways... hahaha
So overall a good week:)
Anyways my computer is about to shut down... But i hope you all have a great week! and READ THE SCRIPTURES!
Elder Jepsen

This is actually where i email. an old church that is now a super SICK library with a Mastodon and terrible computers!

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