Monday, June 16, 2014

Rain...Rain and More Rain!

.... It's rained a lot here... Many a time have we been drenched in it's glory! haha We call it wife points. The longer we work in the rain, the hotter our wife gets! hahahahaaaa we walk everywhere... I feel 10x older than i actually am. I never thought i would ever have to complain about my Hips, knees, and ankles aching. But, its a daily occurrence haha

This past week was a good week! Just an ordinary missionary week! We worked hard taught some lessons, we have a new investigator with a baptismal date and also had to drop one of our other dates with an investigator. 

Oh Elder Hutchinsons birthday was Saturday so we got to celebrate it at a members house with Chinese food and good times! I made him cake which consisted of a Granola Bar and A Match(for a candle) It was pretty memorable! Hahaha 

After all the rain it flooded here! It was crazy! we walked by the Cohoes Falls, the second largest fall in the U.S. A (they pride themselves with that) And it was massive! I have some pictures i'll post! We also had an awesome Missionary man grillout at a members house and their random Rooster we name "Reptar" Shared some good times with us! haha Pictures to come! 

You  make the greatest memories when serving a mission and i wouldn't trade that with anything!:) My wish for all of you would be, To be full of gratitude! Never take what you have and the family and friends you have for granted! Count your blessings:) 
  • Be ye thankful:Col. 3:15;
  • I Hope you all have a wonderful week and Take care! HAPPY BELATED FATHERS DAYYYY!!!!! btw... LOVE YOU DAD!!!
  • Love ya Byyyyyyyye now!
  • Elder Jepsen
 Cohoes Falls, the second largest fall in the U.S.A

This is Reptar and his "ha right..."  face! haha 
He also puked when i fed him an angus burger... i thought it best if i didnt upload that.

The second picture is of FINN!!!! One of the many Troy chalk drawings. I just love the Message he shares. Couldn't have said it better..

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