Monday, June 2, 2014

WHEW! This week flew by!

IT'S JUNE!! That's crazy! 
I hope you ALL had a great week this past week!:)
I know we did! We had a bunch of great stuff happen this last week, and let me just tell you first off the Lord DOES answer are prayers! haha Cause wow did he answer ours!
We Finally got a hold of All our investigators and scheduled appointments with all of them. We also had Some great lessons which was definitely a breath of fresh air.
One of our Investigators Ann, she is somewhat of an elderly lady. Loves it when we come over and Share the gospel with her. Besides her Vendetta with her neighbor across the street, (she thinks that her neighbor has it out for her, So she thinks because he is a judge he is power hungry)  She is pretty solid! She came to church this Sunday. and with it being fast and testimony meeting, She heard all the amazing testimonies of our members and she started to cry and cry! Then after the meeting i explained to her it was the Holy Ghost testifying to her that what she was hearing was the truth! Then she said " i absolutely love it here" She has committed to be baptized June 21st. We are so exited for her!
As the weeks go on the more and more I fall in love with the ward here! They are so good to all the missionaries here! We have 3 sets of Elders and 1 set of Sisters, And they spoil us all:)
We had an awesome meal appointment with these members the Alexanders. They have an Amazing house in the middle of the woods I was in heaven! We had so much fun. I just told them a bunch of my stupid stories which they thought were hilarious... I've been fed Mexican food after Mexican food! which i am so grateful for!! I have tried Rhubarb pie and Japanese Curry! 
AHHH it was sooo amazing! There is a reason we walk 10 miles a day now....

A little bit about my area, We live in Cohoes On historical Van Shaick Island In an old Factory. On the west side of our area we have Cohoes and to the North There is Waterford and to the East there is North troy (lansingburgh). The Burg is where we play alot of Basket ball and see alot of weird stuff... haha it's great! Annnnnd we don't go there after dark. There are shooting's and stabbing's there often. BUT we run fast so it's okay;)
There is a book i have been reading lately that i just can't put down! Its called The Highly Effective missionary by Dave c Covey.
And it has changed my idea of missionary work! IT just got me so pumped to just go out and work! It correlates  with Preach my Gospel and Helps with thinking outside the box. I love it! 
There is this ...Bold... Door approach that i want to implament soon so i will let you all know how it goes! ... haha
I hope you all have an amazing week! and Always strive to be Bold and Share your beliefs with others!:) 
Love ya all!
-Elder Jepsen

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 Cohoes! a view from the Island!:)

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Sweet Sweet Elder Hutchinson and I taking a selfie...

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