Monday, April 28, 2014


THERE IS TRASH EVERYWHERE IN THIS TOWN! haha First off i just want to fill you in on what this town does every spring. So Every spring once the snow has melted, The Village of Massena has a annual trash day. And on this day anyone and everyone can just put any type of trash or junk out on the curb... And let me tell ya...They don't hold back. There are mounds tens of feet high!! of just trash!! haha There are kids just running around like sewer rats gathering trash and crap and putting it in wagons and cars... AAAHHH it BLOWS MY MIND! haha Don't worry I cant deprive all of you from this sight so I'll post pictures! :)
But other than that Mind blowing fact, Overall we had a pretty good week! We picked up some new investigators and contacted a bunch of referrals. Just the usual missionary work. We walk EVERYWHERE now! haha We tried practicing our finding skills a lot more this week than last. We had a pretty cool experience the other day when we were trying a referral from a member in our branch. He gave us the wrong address but we knocked on the door anyway, And it turned out to be this SUPER nice lady we help volunteer with for the catholic church. She asked us many questions as well as her brother who is an Embassy worker all around the world. I told him to hook me up! haha Anyways she told us she would feed us!! Which up here in Massena is a rarity! But slowly people are beginning to pick up on it.
Also this week we had Zone Conference. Our assistants to the President and President Wirthlin gave a training on A new way of teaching they are wanting to implement into the Entire mission! It is amazingly Effective. we love it! It should also boost our numbers soon so we are pretty dang excited. haha
This last weekend was pretty eventful. I learned how to farm and put in many fence posts! As well as wrestle a pig named Rosie and Hold a turkey named Jake (i like to think they named him after me) haha.

OH! and we also went and bought all these ingredients to make tacos with, Because this member in the branch said she was ssooooo great at making tacos. So we took all these ingredients to her house so she could make these tacos. And mind you, the whole time we were there it was just SUPER contentious. She was just yelling at her kids and her Boyfriend ... so that wasn't too great. Then we ate these tacos which were not too flattering AT ALL. And got Super sick! hahaha Oh and she kept all the food! haha we were so mad... We learned our lesson that's for sure! (lesson for the week) Never ever let a lady from Bull head Arizona that smokes packs a day make you tacos!

Anyways,The work is going very well up her in the Narth! Deb is getting Baptized this Saturday!!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!! We are so proud of her. OH, her husband tracey told us he wants to get baptized now! so that was a tender mercy! haha 
I Hope you all have a great week! and GO TO CHURCH! I understand now. It is so important, not just for numbers and to be seen. But, to help strengthen your testimony and to access the fullness of the Atonement and renew your covenants you have made!:)
I love you all!

-Elder Jepsen

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The first picture is of the TRASH! haha its everywhere
The second is of me and this dog named Rosko who is a 215 pound German Shepard! I WANT IT!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What the...

Okay, I'm just going to list off some of the weird Crap I have seen this last week! 
1. One eyed man sings to us and shows us his inner thigh scars.
2. Got to pet a Turkeys Stomach.
3. Drug deals left and right.
5. Lawn mower races.
6. Goose fights.
7. St. Lawrence Beavers.
8..Someone put me in their will!
9. Funny Pranks.
10.Prostitutes whatever, You name it we've seen it!
 hahaha SO WEIRD! weirdest week of my mission by far!

So besides all that weird stuff that's been going down in Massena, A lot of good things have been happening up here. We still have a couple of our Investigators progressing to Baptism. One of them, Debbie is getting baptized May 3rd! she is so ready. We are so excited for her! 
We were also able to help out a lot in the Community this week, with helping with the Monthly Food distribution. They love our help there! haha they freak out when we arent there. We also helped out with the community Meal at the Methodist church. Haha right before We went to help with the community dinner I found some Laxatives in a drawer and put it in Elder Neus' Peeps and gave it to him... Yeah he wasn't a very happy camper.. hahaha.
We also Pulled a really funny prank on the Other Elders But i cant Disclose the specifics on that hilarious night... I promised... ;)
On a more serious note, In the Branch we had a monthly fast on Friday for Missionary work. We didnt really see the effects immediately, Probably because we were so focused on how hungry we were, But later in the week we saw MIRACLES! A former investigator we have never seen before showed up to church on Sunday, We found new potentials, and FINALLY were able to schedule appointments with some of our investigators. IT was amazing. It will always be in the Lords time and in the Lords way!
This Easter Sunday was one i will never forget. My first Easter on my mission. We had great speakers in church, Talking about the Importance of the Resurrection. 
Then The Huffs fed us an AMAZING Easter meal. Followed by a warm afternoon in a park with our investigators. Then, We met a Super sick guy outside of a bar! We have come to find that up here, the Easiest people to talk to are the Ones smoking. hahaha 
After that we tracted in an apartment building and saw some really weird stuff.. .. bleh. 
So overall a Great Easter:)
Everyday out here is never the same. Some times you have some really good days, then you have some really terrible days. But the Love for my Savior and the love i have of these people, and the support of my family gets me through it!
I hope you all have an amazing week! and HAVE FUN! and BE HAPPY!:)
Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.  -Psalms 144:15
Love always 
Elder Jepsen

Oh By the way... that one Eyed guy is sitting right next to us as we are writing these emails....  ._.
This First picture is of one of the Cargo ships that go through the St. Lawrence, They are HUGE!  and we tried to get a picture of the Geese fighting in the backround so you get the full effect:)
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Cargo ships that go through the St. Lawrence
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 ST. Lawrence Beaver! IT was GIANT!  I had to take a picture of it

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bipolar days in Massena-and Easter

So much has happened this past week, but first..
Good News! IT'S WARMING UP!! we are so excited! We don't have to wear coats or hats or Thermals! But now there is mud.... EVERYWHERE. Some days it will be really warm, then freezing and raining just like that. Ugh just like the people the weather is so Bipolar! haha We have been riding bikes everywhere and we get mud ALL over.. haha It's hard to maintain a clean cut appearance when you have mud all over the back of your head...but I digress.

Elder Neus and I had the Opportunity to go down to Potsdam with the Huffs, Our awesome senior couple up here, to eat at one of our Investigators restaurants he works at in S.U.N.Y Potsdam (state university of New York). While we were there I got to tour their Archaeology Dept. and it was super SUPER cool! haha it got me pretty pumped for college!

After that, the Huffs asked if we had ever been to Canada and we said... "Nooo..." so they took us! haha There is an Island on the Reservation that is technically Canada. So we went to CANADA! Elder Neus and I were super excited. I don't know why but we were... AND we saw a Drug Boss's house up there! and I'm pretty sure a drug deal too... so that was crazy!
And if you were wondering what ever happened to that lady we helped with cleaning her house... Yeah nothing too amazing. I asked her when we could come and tell her about that pamphlet we left her, and she said, "Oh my week is pretty crazy" so the i asked her, well is there anything we can do for ya? Lo and Behold she said "oh i have a closet that could really use some cleaning out..." I was just about to back hand that lady when Elder Neus said SURE we would love to! So hesitantly, we cleaned that dang Closet. LET ME TELL YOU right now. NEVER! clean out another persons closet. But, if you really want to know somebodies secrets.. by all means. YUCK! haha But.. we did get an appointment from it so it did pay off... haha.
The last couple days have been somewhat of a struggle for us up here though... Now that the weather is warming up all the Jerks are coming out and making our lives up here... frustrating haha. People Looove to honk and swear at us as we walk by. It kind of took a toll on us for a little bit there. But we read a scripture Sunday morning in D&C 24:15 that seemed to boost our confidence. It reads:
" And in whatsoever place ye shall aenter, and they receive you not in my name, ye shall leave a cursing instead of a blessing, by casting off the bdust of your feet against them as a testimony, and cleansing your feet by the 
wayside." Kind of harsh, I know, but its the truth. haha

As representatives of Jesus Christ, we are here to share his gospel and do what he would do. HE knows all of us and Loves all of us. "As I have loved you, love one another". It may be hard to "love everyone" but if we strive to do so, the Lord will continue to bless you. This Sunday gives us an overall reminder of the importance of the Savior. And his role in everything we do. Just as it says in everyones "favorite scripture" John 3;16,17
 16 ¶For aGod so bloved the cworld, that he dgave his eonly begotten fSon, that whosoever gbelieveth in him should not perish, but have heverlasting ilife.
 17 For God asent not his Son into the world to bcondemn the world; but that the world through him might be csaved.
Christ is central in Gods plan. Through him everything is possible, I know that.
I pray you all have an amazing Easter Sunday and remember the True meaning of Easter!
And Be happy!:)
-Elder Jepsen
p.s. The first picture is of a 39 Ford that is this SUPER SICK! the guy who owns it is a WW2 bomber. and the funniest old guy I've ever met.

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 39 Ford that is this SUPER SICK!

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The second picture is of Elder Neus and I with a member named Brother Stevens in our District haha he's so weird haha

Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference in NY!

Wow, first off let me just tell you .... Conference was AMAZING! The first on my mission. Its crazy how much more you get out of it when you actually pay close attention and take notes... haha I loved it! What better way to kick off General Conference than to bring out the "hammer" Holland Saturday morning?haha It was absolutely the best way to end our week.  
One of our investigators watched every session with us, and he LOVED IT!
Massena is Kickin! People are now crawling out from their holes and coming outside now that the weather is FINALLY warming up! We can now ride our bikes and see grass! I have never gone this long in my life without seeing grass. I'm not going to lie... I may or may not have cried when I saw all the geese flying back... hahaha.
Our investigators are still working towards baptism. It's coming up here soon! We are still striving to continue to be diligent and finding new people to teach. It seems, every really nice person we meet or tract into are straight up Juggalo's (people who wear clown makeup and listen to Insane clown posse music). I will never judge anyone on their makeup ever again! haha 
I am so Grateful for the opportunity I have to serve a mission, and bring the blessings of the gospel into peoples lives. I love all the people I come in contact with up here in Massena, even if they smell like bog water...
I am also grateful for the opportunities we have every 6 months to be able to hear from our prophet Thomas S Monson. 

Sorry this Email is relatively short today... we played Basketball too long in Potsdam.
Anyways, I hope you all have a great week and go back and read Conference talks!  :)
Stay Sweet 
Bye Now!
-Elder Jepsen
This is a picture of what i call the Goonies St. Its just looks like they would film something that legit here... (this isnt my picture because it is not nearly this green here yet..)
This is one of the MANY weird pictures Elder Neus and I took by the Bridge to Canada!
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