Monday, April 28, 2014


THERE IS TRASH EVERYWHERE IN THIS TOWN! haha First off i just want to fill you in on what this town does every spring. So Every spring once the snow has melted, The Village of Massena has a annual trash day. And on this day anyone and everyone can just put any type of trash or junk out on the curb... And let me tell ya...They don't hold back. There are mounds tens of feet high!! of just trash!! haha There are kids just running around like sewer rats gathering trash and crap and putting it in wagons and cars... AAAHHH it BLOWS MY MIND! haha Don't worry I cant deprive all of you from this sight so I'll post pictures! :)
But other than that Mind blowing fact, Overall we had a pretty good week! We picked up some new investigators and contacted a bunch of referrals. Just the usual missionary work. We walk EVERYWHERE now! haha We tried practicing our finding skills a lot more this week than last. We had a pretty cool experience the other day when we were trying a referral from a member in our branch. He gave us the wrong address but we knocked on the door anyway, And it turned out to be this SUPER nice lady we help volunteer with for the catholic church. She asked us many questions as well as her brother who is an Embassy worker all around the world. I told him to hook me up! haha Anyways she told us she would feed us!! Which up here in Massena is a rarity! But slowly people are beginning to pick up on it.
Also this week we had Zone Conference. Our assistants to the President and President Wirthlin gave a training on A new way of teaching they are wanting to implement into the Entire mission! It is amazingly Effective. we love it! It should also boost our numbers soon so we are pretty dang excited. haha
This last weekend was pretty eventful. I learned how to farm and put in many fence posts! As well as wrestle a pig named Rosie and Hold a turkey named Jake (i like to think they named him after me) haha.

OH! and we also went and bought all these ingredients to make tacos with, Because this member in the branch said she was ssooooo great at making tacos. So we took all these ingredients to her house so she could make these tacos. And mind you, the whole time we were there it was just SUPER contentious. She was just yelling at her kids and her Boyfriend ... so that wasn't too great. Then we ate these tacos which were not too flattering AT ALL. And got Super sick! hahaha Oh and she kept all the food! haha we were so mad... We learned our lesson that's for sure! (lesson for the week) Never ever let a lady from Bull head Arizona that smokes packs a day make you tacos!

Anyways,The work is going very well up her in the Narth! Deb is getting Baptized this Saturday!!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!! We are so proud of her. OH, her husband tracey told us he wants to get baptized now! so that was a tender mercy! haha 
I Hope you all have a great week! and GO TO CHURCH! I understand now. It is so important, not just for numbers and to be seen. But, to help strengthen your testimony and to access the fullness of the Atonement and renew your covenants you have made!:)
I love you all!

-Elder Jepsen

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The first picture is of the TRASH! haha its everywhere
The second is of me and this dog named Rosko who is a 215 pound German Shepard! I WANT IT!

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