Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What the...

Okay, I'm just going to list off some of the weird Crap I have seen this last week! 
1. One eyed man sings to us and shows us his inner thigh scars.
2. Got to pet a Turkeys Stomach.
3. Drug deals left and right.
5. Lawn mower races.
6. Goose fights.
7. St. Lawrence Beavers.
8..Someone put me in their will!
9. Funny Pranks.
10.Prostitutes whatever, You name it we've seen it!
 hahaha SO WEIRD! weirdest week of my mission by far!

So besides all that weird stuff that's been going down in Massena, A lot of good things have been happening up here. We still have a couple of our Investigators progressing to Baptism. One of them, Debbie is getting baptized May 3rd! she is so ready. We are so excited for her! 
We were also able to help out a lot in the Community this week, with helping with the Monthly Food distribution. They love our help there! haha they freak out when we arent there. We also helped out with the community Meal at the Methodist church. Haha right before We went to help with the community dinner I found some Laxatives in a drawer and put it in Elder Neus' Peeps and gave it to him... Yeah he wasn't a very happy camper.. hahaha.
We also Pulled a really funny prank on the Other Elders But i cant Disclose the specifics on that hilarious night... I promised... ;)
On a more serious note, In the Branch we had a monthly fast on Friday for Missionary work. We didnt really see the effects immediately, Probably because we were so focused on how hungry we were, But later in the week we saw MIRACLES! A former investigator we have never seen before showed up to church on Sunday, We found new potentials, and FINALLY were able to schedule appointments with some of our investigators. IT was amazing. It will always be in the Lords time and in the Lords way!
This Easter Sunday was one i will never forget. My first Easter on my mission. We had great speakers in church, Talking about the Importance of the Resurrection. 
Then The Huffs fed us an AMAZING Easter meal. Followed by a warm afternoon in a park with our investigators. Then, We met a Super sick guy outside of a bar! We have come to find that up here, the Easiest people to talk to are the Ones smoking. hahaha 
After that we tracted in an apartment building and saw some really weird stuff.. .. bleh. 
So overall a Great Easter:)
Everyday out here is never the same. Some times you have some really good days, then you have some really terrible days. But the Love for my Savior and the love i have of these people, and the support of my family gets me through it!
I hope you all have an amazing week! and HAVE FUN! and BE HAPPY!:)
Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.  -Psalms 144:15
Love always 
Elder Jepsen

Oh By the way... that one Eyed guy is sitting right next to us as we are writing these emails....  ._.
This First picture is of one of the Cargo ships that go through the St. Lawrence, They are HUGE!  and we tried to get a picture of the Geese fighting in the backround so you get the full effect:)
Displaying DSCN2870.JPG
Cargo ships that go through the St. Lawrence
Displaying DSCN2889.JPG
 ST. Lawrence Beaver! IT was GIANT!  I had to take a picture of it

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