Monday, June 30, 2014

Crazy times in humid NY

First off I'm sorry my Email might be a little short today. The library is SUPER busy and people are beginning to get hostile over computers so i might have to make this quick...
We had a CRAZY week here!
Elder Hutchinson got to say goodbye to as many of the people as he could before he left. He seemed a little nervous and didn't want to leave, but I know he will do so well in his new area. 
On transfers day we drove down to Gloversville NY to Exchange so Elders Hutchinson and Longwill could go to transfers. Elder Garberg and I both worked in Gloversville and LET ME TELL YOU! It was soooooooo Hot and humid! I thought i was going to Swell up like a sponge and DIE!! But then a tender Mercy occurred and we reached our apartment right before 7 inches of rain came down in 15 minutes! Granted we were wet... but not 7 inches of soaking!
It ended up raining the whole ride to Schenectady then to Albany and Cohoes.
Where i Met My new Companion Elder Davis! He is really cool. He is from California and is 22 years old and NEVER BEEN ON A DATE! still blows my mind! haha HE is a very Diligent and Obedient Missionary and our District leader so we get along well. We have been walking everywhere trying many people, Updating our records the whole 9 yards to get this area the Pick-me-up it needs! Elder Davis isn't used to all this walking so he's pretty sore. haha I'm just glad its not me anymore! We have also done A lot of service lately! we helped 2 families move in 2 days and helped with our Ward mission leaders yardwork. Our boy Reptar the Rooster Helped us out alot haha. 
This sunday we talked a lot about Geneology and why it is so important. So my Commitment for all is to get lost in the addicting fun of Genealogy and find those super sweet stories of your ancestors with funky hair! You'll Love it!!
I hope You all have a wonderful spirit filled week!
Elder Jepsen
ps. This glorious picture below is of this she-bear/Hellhound that wanted my farmers tan flesh so bad it tried to eat through the fence.

This is probably the "Koolest" graffiti ever seen in NY!!

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