Monday, July 7, 2014

"I've Never been in such a dark room with sister missionaries before.." -Me

We are Emailing in the dark family History center wit the sisters and another pair of Elders and i said that quote as we sat down aaaaand made things super awkward... I was embarrassed haha i was thinking out loud.... 

ANYWAYS, We had a pretty good week in our Albany North Area! we walked a lot (as usual), saw alot of crazies and beer cans!! haha Other than that we helped with many service opportunities this week. The first at city hall where we did a lot of weeding and met a typical Italian Guido! haha Then we helped out with the Soup kitchen. FUNNY STORY! 

So during the Prepping period of the meal, We decided to venture out of the smoking kitchen and upstairs into this massive protestant chapel to ease our curiosity. when we got up there we saw this glass container, and within it laid an old wood covered Cohoes Bible from the 1700's. we were so in awe we put our hands on the glass when... The Fire Alarm went off! Of coarse we jumped and with our adrenaline pumping we ran down the stairs. As we reached the bottom the whole kitchen had ran TO THE STAIRS... so we awkwardly stared at each other for a couple seconds when someone yells "Grab the fans!" So we all proceeded to grab fans, because the smoke had gotten up to the fire alarms up stairs at just the Right time! haha We ended up switching off all the breakers to get it to shut off! hahaha I thought it was hilarious.

We had a a great 4th of July! We helped a member pull some nasty weeds and KILLER VINES! Then had an amazing BBQ for Lunch, Then after that we changed and went to another BBQ with the Elders Quorum President. Where all the New move in families were invited to! It was so much fun! It was like a home away from home. I am so thankful for this ward!:)

Earlier in the week on a thursday, Elder Davis and I had been walking around in Cohoes trying Potentials and Former Investigators, as well as updating our records in the hottest day (as well as the most humid day) Thus far this summer. We came upon a potential Inv. Whose address was wrong so we decided to head up the other end of the street. Where we saw an older lady smoking on her porch., And as we walked by sweating like 2 cats in a microwave she said "Could you boys use some water?" I didnt even hesitate, I said "Ofcoarse we would love some!" Soon after we begin to tell her our purpose as missionaries and how this gospel can bless her life. She then proceeded to tell us how that day had been the worse day of her life. And she was debating to take her own life right before we got there. She took this as a sign and we taught her the Restoration. Then she began to pray, and the spirit was so strong. We set her with a baptismal date in August. 
I know the Lord knows all of us Personally. And is always aware of our trails and tribulations. He will ALWAYS help us in our Hour of need, if we Always put our unwavering faith in him. I know this to be true!
I pray we will all help others to come to this conclusion as well.
I love you all. God bless!!:)
Elder Jepsen

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