Monday, March 31, 2014

I spent way too much time on these subject boxes...

Anyway, HEY!
We had a Really good week this last week! Mostly because elder Neus and I were on exchange.... NAH haha i love that kid! WE ARE TOGETHER ANOTHER TRANSFER! we are stoked! We are having so much fun up here in Massena with all this snow and ice. Oh! it snowed 8 inches yesterday by the way. WE have had many opportunities to meet new people lately it's so cool! I absolutely love the fact that not one Day is EVER the same as a missionary. You are meeting new people, and trying new things everyday! It is never the same. (unless you slip on the same patch of ice everyday).
Earlier this week i had the opportunity to go on exchange with Elder Bybee, our district leader in Malone. He has been out for over a year now and has only been in 2 areas, Massena and Malone. He knows a lot about Massena so we tore it up here and practiced Finding like no other! I learned a lot form him, He is now going down to Syracuse to be a zone leader. 
After our exchange Elder Neus and i were back to Poundin that Pavement.We are still teaching the same people, and trying to get them to progress to baptism! We might have 5 Baptisms on May 3rd! we are super excited, so keep your fingers crossed hha. I just know how much this decision will Bless their lives. And i tell them that ALL the time... they must be sick of it haha.
Anywho, elder Neus and I found the NICEST little old lady in a little village outside of Massena named Wadington. She is a widow with the biggest house ever. She gave us ties then i gave her a Book of Mormon. I have never seen anyone get so excited to see a Book of Mormon in my life! haha We are so ready to go back ha.
Finally on Sunday, It snowed this thick Heavy blanket of snow ina  couple hours so they had to cancel church... But we went anyway! ha our investigator family was there so we and the branch president had a little sacrament meeting and we bore our testimonies. It was great! 
BEsides the Snow and Bipolar freezing rain, This past week was a great one! we accomplished a lot!:) And met a bunch of weird people! haha 
It is never a dull moment up here in the Narth country with Elder Neus and the other missionaries. one of the East side missionaries, Elder Black, is going home this week. He was a great example to me, He has done so much for this mission. I consider him my "second Trainer" since my first one was.. eh. haha He is from Idaho Falls so if any of you see him, give him crap for me! haha 
I am SOOO excited for my First General conference on my mission! I challenge you all to have a question in your heart when watching G.C and I promise you will find the answer. 
I hope you all have an amazing week, and Hold Fast to that Iron rod!
Give'em Heaven!
love always,
Elder Jepsen

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