Monday, March 24, 2014

SPRING!!!...oh, wait.

First off let me just say, I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED FOR SPRING IN MY LIFE!! The winter up here has been brutal. Today Massena broke record after record on this "beautiful Spring morning" when it hit a Classic -12 Degrees. We are so ready for this snow to be gone let me tell ya! haha 
But other than that, this last week was a good week! We finally moved into our new apartment. It's super nice not having 4 missionaries in a 1 bedroom apartment, it got pretty crazy haha. 
The work up here is going really well too! We have been teaching this family we met at the Methodist dinner we volunteer at. They are sweet! They have been through so much, and they are beginning to realize how much this gospel will bless their lives. Just last night, the whole family committed to baptism!! We are sooo stoked for them! Elder Neus and I try as  hard as we can to relate to these people to better understand them and discern their needs. We are seeing results! The area is really changing, things are happening up here in the "Narth" (so the natives call it).
This past week has just been a classic one! The harder we work, the more blessings that come from it! Just a regular week up here in Good ole Massena! Nothing to crazy. Besides the terrible weather. It snowed 5 inches on the first day of spring. If that's not Irony i don't know what is! haha
We also have Transfer calls coming up here on Saturday. Elder Neus and I are pretty confident we are not going anywhere, SO keep your fingers crossed! haha We love it up here.
I hope you all have a Ultra mega super Awesome week! 
And soak up all the sun you can for me! :)

Much love,
Elder Jepsen
P.s I finally bought my new camera so i will post more pictures i promise!

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