Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day, The only time you see green in the North country

Well, Happy St. Patricks day! 
This past week up  here in Massena has been a pretty EVENTFUL one!  Elder Neus and I had a pretty good week teaching wise, and VERY blessed with many many opportunities to serve. 
So on Tuesday we had our Zone meeting, which was alright. I honestly cant say i learned anything i didn't know. BUT we have a new sister in our zone from Italy that Laughs like a zebra... so that's cool..
After Zone meeting we helped a family in our Branch move out of their home. Kind of sad to see the leave. But hey, I'll see them again. ( they actually just moved next to us in Utah .. haha) 
On Wednesday We were able to go to the Reservation to eat at the Buffet in the Awkwesasne Casino! That was super good. But while we were there a storm rolled in and just DUMPED snow nonstop for 2 days! So the rest of the day we were stuck inside... Which is never fun.

Eventually Thursday rolled around, and while we were weekly planning we get a call from the Zone leaders saying "this is the only day we're free  so we are coming up to move your apartments. So pack up you have an hour and a half" 
So there we were running around with our heads cut off trying to pack up our apartment! This later turned into a 2 day task. So we eventually move all our things to the new Apartment where the other Elders live, And it turns out the landlord never turned the heat on so we have to wait until Tuesday to move them out of our apartment. So now, there are 4 missionaries living in a One bedroom apartment... It got old fast.. hahaha
Oh here's a funny story. (if you'd think this is funny) After helping out with the Massena food distribution services downtown in Massena, We got a call from a former Investigator Asking us if we could help her friend move. Ofcoarse we said Yes! we were pumped! So we get to this house she leads us to this back room, and we look in and.... TORNADO! crap everywhere!! literally.. stuff all over and POOP on the ground. She asks us if we could help her organize and move all this stuff upstairs. then eventually paint it so her parents could move in... Reluctantly we said suuuure we can do that. THEN she says "thank you" and goes and takes a nap!! haha Elder Neus was sooo mad.
But we manned up and did it. granted it took us 4 hours but we got it done. And we have to go back and paint...

Luckily to Conclude that stressful day we had the Adult session of District conference in Malone. It was so good! The spirit was definitely there. they talked about Hastening the work in all that we do.
That was the overall topic on Sunday as well in District Conference. 
This past week i was Very humbled to see the blessings that come from service. Even if they are smelly and weird and awkward... haha 
We need always strive to follow Christs example and strive to serve our fellow men!
I hope you all have a great WARM week, wherever you are!
-Elder Jepsen

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