Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Killer Week in Massena!

Well Neus and I had a pretty GREAT week up here in Massena! We stayed very busy all week, teaching a bunch of lessons and trying to find new investigators. Our numbers have almost tripled now that the foolish traditions of previous Elders have gone. The harder we work, the more results we see. I LOVE IT!
We picked up a new family this past week. They are super solid! we met them at the Methodist meal we voulenteer at, and they are so funny. So this last Thursday we finally had a lesson with them, and the spirit was SO strong! i have never felt the spirit so prominent in a lesson until then. We were so stoked! haha
Later in the week we helped the family with their genealogy, and we found out that their youngest daughter has a huge crush on one of us (yours truly)... so that made things pretty awkward... Her sister showed me the texts between her and her sister and She wrote a poem about my face and my glasses....
So now we have to tread very lightly when teaching this family. haha
Then on Saturday one of our investigators invited us to her robotics competitions at Clarkson University in Potsdam. That was super cool! I GOT A SHIRT. That pumped me up haha. She ended up getting 4th place overall!  She is so smart and talented for only being 10! we think she might be the key to the whole Farm family. (they are so cool btw, the father of the fam let E. Neus taze him and in turn he had to taze me! ...it was crazy...felt weird)
But overall we had a really great week! From all the people we are meeting to being able to go to the gym every morning. 
OH! we got a sweet gym membership at this super GHETTO gym downtown! i love it. While i get jacked i get filled with asbestos! haha Whenever we workout this little Bulldog/pittbull chills with us every time we lift weights! ITS SO COOL!

I hope you all are Enjoying the weather back home! cause its still FREEZING HERE! 
And i also hope you are all helping out the Missionaries back home. Whether it be referrals or feeding em. It makes all the difference i promise! Missionary work is essential! It just isnt the Missionaries responsibility, but ALL MEMBERS:)
we push that so much up here.
I really hope you all have an amazing week!
And pray for a missionary experience! ;)
Much Love
Elder Jepsen

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