Monday, February 24, 2014


By far one of the most interesting weeks of my mission! But a great one! 
The day of transfers i worked with elder black in Downtown massena. We discussed the area...and our companions.. haha. This month we are most likely moving downtown and the Other Massena elder are moving across the river on the other side of massena. Then we will most likely be doing a car share, so we split the area and made many MANY pros and cons lists haha. Later that night Elder Neus and Elder Davis came up to massena!
Elder Neus is just the best! We get along really well, he is not afraid to work and already LOVES the area! he is just what massena needs! So after showing elder Neus the ropes we were out tracting on Friday when we get a call from elder black saying he needs to go to the hospital. Then after we take him to the urgent care, then the Hospital we find out the he has walking Pneumonia.... That was a surprise. So president wirthlin came up and took E. Black to the mission home so he can Sack out and hopefully get better so they can send him up her again!
SO now Elder Neus and Elder Davis and I are now in a TRIO! ...Which is super different... haha everything takes just a little longer now but its still really fun! hah Teaching is now a little different but we do well. We keep getting stuck in door ways but we'll get over that soon as well haha. Elder Davis is a very Obedient and Diligent Missionary. He used to be a zone leader In Rome before he came here. He keeps us both in line. 
It is really different leading the Area here since no one else has knowledge of massena. It's kind of like training! haha it was a little hard at first because they kept forgetting where we were and who we just saw but i was patient with them and they are now getting the hang of it!
I have a really good feeling things are going to turn around out here! We have new missionaries that are much more obedient than the last, they have an outside view of things which is just what we need! I know that if we just put our faith in the lord and strive to be perfectly obedient we will see ourselves and this area Progress!!
Thank you all for your love a support! I hope all of you have a great week! 
Much Love from Massena
-Elder Jepsen

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