Monday, February 10, 2014

Good ole Massena

Family and friends,
We had an over all good week up here in the Arctic! haha Yes... it's still cold ha. The week started out slow, No one wanted to leave their houses, let alone answer their doors. Everyone up here is "nesting" as they say, till it starts to warm up again! But as the week went on we had some really great lessons with our investigators! as well as some potentials. We have contacted many less active members WHICH IS AWESOME! we are inviting everyone out to our Valentines party this Friday. We are super excited to see who turns up. Or who we have to pick up (no one has a car...)
We also have Transfer call this week! Every area in the mission is pretty much expecting changes! Elder Mecham has been here for 5 transfers so he's getting pretty confident he's leaving. he keeps saying "when i leave...." haha it's going to bite him in the butt i know it! The zone leaders asked me if i was ready to take over Massena... So we'll see what happens.
Things are beginning to pick up here in Massena! I was on exchange with Elder Black (a past zone leader in Syracuse) He taught me a lot about companionships and always striving to work just a little harder. Lately I've been having to push elder Mecham just a little harder. He's in a point in his mission where being lazy is becoming a little more prevalent.... But i'll get him over it! haha
Other than that everything is going great! although It seems everyone is going through their seasonal depression up here in the north country, WHY CAN"T THEY JUST MAN UP? AH! i digress...
I just love it out here! NY stubbornness and all! haha
I hope you all have a great week! and remember the lords hand in your lives.
Love always
-Elder Jepsen
P.s this picture is me standing on the FROZEN St. Lawrence river.... it was pretty much legit.

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