Monday, August 25, 2014

The Fun Continues!

Wow, another awesome week here in the Scho. Val! 
This ward still continues to amaze me.
The crazy backwoods people continue to amaze me.
And the Corn still continues to amaze me! (best corn in the world btw)
Elder Richins and i met some awesome families this week we really hope we can begin to teach! Some new families and some part member families.
We picked up a new Investigator named Brian! HE'S A SUPER COOL COWBOY GUY with a gnarly beard! We taught the restoration and we asked him to pray at the end. And after the prayer we try to make sure there is a silence so you can look witthin for an answer and feel the spirit. So while he is doing this... His Rottweiler lets out this high pitched FART! Inevitably we tried so hard not to laugh... annnnnnd hahaha Needless to say the spirit was gone. But a great lesson none the less.
I have also began to realize How Hilarious the members of this ward are! And its not just eh yeah he cracks jokes.. NO! They are Gut busting funny members! Most of the members in the Schoharie valley ward are Converts and have great stories.
One of them, Brother Roberts, Is so funny he came teaching with us yesterday and told us his conversion story. He told us he was really into devil worshipping and as he was looking for a goat head to put on his left wall and ran into the Missionaries! haha Now he's a member. But after our appointment, A Very distressed woman called us ranting about her son and how she needed help. So we met this lady at a ball park. Then she proceeded to tell us her life story and how she gave her sone the "silver spoon his whole life" and now he is just a wreck. This Whole time Elder Richins and i were  in a complete stupor of thought and could in NO WAY relate or help this woman one bit. But Brother Roberts came to the rescue! He being an EX cop and correctional officer gave her some great advice!....Then told us to think twice before meeting with her again! hahaha But the Point is, If he hadn't been there and he hadn't raised his hand to come teach with us in priesthood meeting, We would have never helped a woman change her heart and look to god, and would never had bonded as bros! hahaha
So as a missionary and Disciple of Jesus Christ, I am SOOOOOOOO Thankful for members Who come teaching with us and stand as a 3rd witness. It is so awesome! It is also great to get referrals:)
I hope you all strive to participate in some kind of missionary work this week! and if you get the chance, TEACH with the missionaries. WE LOVE IT!!<3
I Hope you all have an NY STELLAR Week!:)
Love ya Byyyyyyye NOW!
Elder Jepsen

The first picture is of SECRET CAVERNS! A super cheesy cavelike place we went today! IT has a 100 foot waterfall. So naturally we had to take pictures and then get soaked by it:)

Whaddup! REBEL!... nah...

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