Monday, August 11, 2014

Farms, Rednecks, Scooters and Mayhem!

HAPPY PLAY DAY EVERYONE! I hope you all had a great week.
We Sure did out here in Backwoods New York!
This place is so awesome!!! We live in the largest town in Schoharie county called Cobleskill Pop.~5000! It is so different from the city! People drive Tractors and really loud ford trucks with deer stickers everywhere here!
I am With, probably the Funniest Elder In this mission! Elder Richins. Hhaha Elder Richins and I came out of the MTC together and halfheartedly made a pact we would serve together, and here we are! It is so fun out here with him. 
We knock on doors almost the whole day but it never becomes too tedious because we are having so much fun doing it! haha Our first day together as a companionship we saw and experienced some pretty funny redneck crap up here! haha There are like super white redneck guys walking around spitting tobacco talking about tractors and barns. ITs AMAZING! 

haha Just Yesterday we ran into the funniest Redneck guy in a Roll-a-Round Scooter on a farm and talked to him for a while. Telling us how his 150 pound German shepherd scared off 2 70 year old Jehovahs witnesses. He said " I ain't never seen 2 70 Year old women run that fast in my life. They straight up dropped their bibles and ran into the car, while I tried to call back Winston (the dog) But instead of saying HEY WINSTON GIT BACK HERE I said HEY JEHOVAHS GIT BACK HERE!" hahaha we all laughed so hard. I then began to ask about the battery operated scooter thing he was riding. He Turns to me real fast and says YOU WANNA RIDE?! I laughed then he says No take it! He then MIraculously (i thought) gets up and goes into the shed and gets 2 more, One for him and The Richins. HE then proceeds to say LETS RACE! and takes off down the driveway. hahaha Man i love that guy. ( i'll post pictures don't you worry)

Our area We cover is very large. And most of it has been devastated by Hurricane Irene. You cant go a day here without someone bringing up the "Flood" This whole valley way covered in 4-6 feet of water. We helped clean out a members law office that had been completely underwater. and had just recently got the last of it out!

The ward here is amazing. There are so many funny/dedicated members here. On sunday we had to give the lesson on Eternal Marriage of all things... It went... pretty well...ish... There were some elders there who had some interesting views on it, and Spared no cost in sharing it haha. It was very contentious at the end. But, I got the last word in and Bore My testimony on how it all comes back to the basic principle of Faith in our savior Jesus Christ. Because it is through him that ALL things that were and are possible. 
I know that, that is so true! I urge you all the continue to pray and search the scriptures to further strengthen your faith! In turn it will help resolve all your concerns:)
I Love you all and Pray you all have an amazing safe week full of ways to practice your faith!:)
Love, Elder Jepsen

 Good Ol Chuck and I bonding over a good laugh and Scooters! haha

 this is of our AWESOME investigator is cohoes! Esther is so funny! haha

This is a family in cohoes who are freakin dope! lovem

Cleaning out the Attorneys office in Schoharie from the flood!

Ps.The view from the car all day almost everyday

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