Monday, August 18, 2014

FACEBOOK! What what??

What a crazy week! So many great momentous things happened. I'll just list them there are so many!
- We found an amazing family to teach who are so unbelievably nice!
- I had the Best corn of my life!
- I got tackled by a dog.
- Taught a family of atheists.
- and so many great memories.
-oh... and we got... FACEBOOK!!
YEs! The New York Utica mission can now use Facebook to proselyte. It is such an amazing tool. Since we have such a large area we can use it to keep in touch with people on the very corners of our area! We can use it yo uplift and inspire our investigators in active families and in active friends and family back home. It was announced at Our Zone meeting on Thursday. Everyone was so excited. We were told to edit and modify our accounts. We have many rules and can only be on for an hour. SO if there is anyone you feel could use some help or you could refer us to please let us know! ADD ME!:)))))...or i'll Inevitably add you ha!
Besides that great news things are going very well here! Elder Richins and i have alot of fun but work very hard. We knock on doors a lot! And missionaries have been here for ages. So at one point or another almost everyone has talked to missionaries. Which get kind of annoying... "Have You ever seen missionaries before?" Person: "Yes...everyday...." hahahaha Sucha small town. 
But we love it! The ward here is amazing. And everyone is Hilarious!! ....I think its something in the water....
Anyway, I hope you all had a great week and Continue to have a great week this week! 
I Love you all! Til we write again..
Elder Jepsen

P.s Sorry my email was late... the computers at the church were MEGA slow. And the Libraries are never open because they hate God!...nah i don't know why haha

Picture: We went Cray fishing Yesterday!:)

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