Monday, May 19, 2014

Culture Shock!

Well Good Mormon Everyone!:)
Allow me to expound on my CRAZY CRAZY week.
So Monday and Tuesday completely consisted of Packing all my junk i have accumulated in Massena, Then saying my goodbyes to everyone. Which was kind of hard, I had grown so close to everyone up there.
Then on Wednesday we had transfers! What a long and spiritual day! Many great missionaries in this mission went home last week... it was super weird to see them go. 
It took us 3 and a half hours to get to Utica from Massena, Then took us 2 hours to get to Albany. The van we came up in was the Zone leaders van in Albany. We had 5 missionaries and their MASSIVE LUGGAGE!! And guess who had to be squished in the back seat with all of it because no one else would speak up? .... Yes, yours Truly! haha .... blessings.
Anyways, Albany is HUGE! the buildings are amazing. we drove right through it... then straight to troy which is the epitome of Ghetto. haha its so great! Elder Pettit and I got to troy and met Elder stoddard and Elder Hutchenson. There they drove us to our apartment. And by this time i was VERY nervous because i just saw Troys apartment and... it didnt look so hot. So we get to Cohoes then proceed to the "Island" which is between the Hudson river. Right below a State park. Then, we go in the apartment and... its SO SICK! It's like a Super old penthouse! haha 
..Tender Mercy... 
Elder Hutchenson is from Rose Hill Utah and a studly soccer player. He is Hilarious!! every little thing he does. He reminds me of mr. bean! He has been out for about 2 transfers. And these last four days he is taking over an area for the first time and EVERYONE canceled or bailed on him. He was so discouraged he thought it was him!:( I told him that is missionary life and you will Always have some of those days! haha He is great. 
Cohoes Troy and Lansingburgh are completely different from my last Area! Did i mention it is ghetto? haha People come up and talk to us and ask us questions! we can talk to people all day its so nice! Now the next step is getting the Hutch to doing it by himself:)
The first Full day i was here, A strange guy named Dan came up to us and asked us If we like the German flute or Hermonica better then proceeded to play very loudly and sporadically.... Then he gave me some of his drawing and poetry. I wont go into too much detail on the poetry but let me tell you its just.... Great . The last one ends like "so ends the prickly  life of Larry the French Fry" hahaha But i digress.
THIS WARD IS AMAZING!! they are willing to teach with us and help spread the gospel. They are just eager to work! ah i love it. PEOPLE FEED US!!! i cant believe it. I have never just wanted to hug everyone in sight before in my life. haha
We had a great discussion in Elders Quorum yesterday, about secular things and spiritual things... which turned into a Debate. Then I pulled out a scripture i LOVE in Collesians 2:8. I urge you all to read it! IT reminds me not to believe in the deceit of men and of sciences. But to believe in Christ!:)
I hope you all have a great week!
And i look forward to telling you more zany stories of Albany next week!
Love always,
Elder Jepsen

Displaying DSCN3059.JPG
 this is the bridge between Cohoes and Waterford- probably the least ghetto view you can find:)

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our apartment! 

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