Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Split Seconds...

So.... I would be lying if i said this last week wasn't a tough one... 
No joke 1 hour after we e-mailed last week we were playing basketball and we were all getting pretty into it aaannd... elder Mecham came down on his ankle weird and sprained it really bad. So in a matter of seconds our whole week was affected. That was really tough on him, and us as a companionship. We really werent allowed to go anywhere because of his ankle, so the beginning part of the week was very slow... But i got alot done in the apartment! so that was good. But after our first day of his injury, we were pretty Freaking bored!!
So we prayed and prayed that he would be healed and we would be able to go out and do his work. Then not even a day later, he was able to walk without hardly feeling the pain! The lord has such a powerful hand in our lives, and in our work out here as missionaries! sometimes its hard to comprehend! haha
We had many opportunities to help with service this last week! its been so great to work with such amazing people in the area, and get our names and our church out there. People really begining to look up to us here in the north country, its so great!
But other than that, most, if not all our appointments we had this past week fell through. And that was really rough... especially on me and my patience. By sunday my patience went out the window. whether it was from my companion or everything that was going wrong. I just wanted to go home and sleep... But my missionary scripture kept coming into my head CONSTANTLY. Isiah 61:1 It was then i realized, i needed to push my selfish feelings and needs aside and say to myself, "what does the LORD need me to do right now for the people?" 
The answer was simple, Forget yourself.
Forget your wants, your thoughts, Just do what he would do!  
In a split second, the spirit made that known to me! And i couldn't be more grateful for the spirit in my life!
The gospel of Jesus Christ is sooo KEY in every aspect of our lives! we all just need to take a step back and look at the big picture and realize it for ourselves. 
That is my challenge for everyone this week:)
I hope all is well with all of you!
Have a great week
Love always,

Elder Jepsen
P.s. Sorry my E-mail is late. The library was closed yesterday for Matrin Luther king day sooooo yeah...
 Also feel free to write me anytime... I promise i'll write back... eventually..... i always do:)

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