Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A New Transfer

Well this week begins a new transfer! I am so ready! Elder Mecham and I are still companions, and get along better than ever! we work super well together. We love it up here in the North Country! Elder Mecham hits his year mark this transfer so he's super stoked. I hit my 2 month mark tomorrow and my 3 month this transfer also. It's so weird... But we suspect Elder mecham to leave Massena here soon because he's been here for over 6 months! And everyone teases me and says I'll be training after 2 transfers haha... I hope not... 
BUT anyways, This past week was a great one! we stayed pretty busy visiting less actives and helping with alot of service activities as well as moving GIANT washing machines into tiny cellars! (everyone's cellars up here are really creepy, and dirty and smelly haha) That was a good workout! We also had some really good lessons this week that went really well! We have been teaching this Awesome Farm family, but we have mostly been teaching the father. He is very open minded and a deep thinker. He is super Analytical.. like me so we get along really well! His oldest daughter has been secretly listening to our lessons for a while, she's great! she told me she loves to read so I gave her a bunch of Pamphlets and I told her if she reads those i could give her The "BEST book in the world!" She was very excited. (she's gonna read! i know it:)
We also received a Head Quarter Re feral, For this guy who requested a bible off line. so we contacted him, and gave him a bible. He seemed surprised that we delivered it personally. HE told us that his family has really been pushing religion lately and they were very intrigued by the missionaries. So we picked them up as investigators! That was such an answer to our prayers! We have been praying everyday to find someone who we can teach. And the lord answered!   AH I LOVE THIS WORK! haha and i love these people, I get along so well with everyone! They better not take me away!;)
This last sunday was Awesome! we had Branch Conference so we had all the District Presidency there. They are all amazing men. They are all pretty much Professors at Potsdam so that got me super excited! The over all theme for our conference was Member missionary work. And it was perfect, that was exactly what the branch needed to hear! We also had over 30 members there so afterwards we had a pot-luck and filled the church! It was so good to see.
Things are looking really well up here! I love it. (especially since its been over 30 degrees here lately!!!...and raining..) 
I hope you all have an amazing week! 
Always remember the potential we all have as Heavenly father children, And what we may achieve.
I love you all 
Elder Jepsen

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