Monday, December 30, 2013

Well... Happy NEW YEAR!!

Just a heads up this email might be a little short because of time, And because they gave me this PRE-HISTORIC  Gateway laptop that sounds like It's going to Explode every time I press the Y button! haha But... ANYWAY, This Last week has been a crazy busy but an amazing one!  We had the opportunity to visit many of our Less active Members and share Christmas Messages with them as well as our active members and Carol to them too,so that was awesome! We had many opportunities to participate in service this week with A LOT OF SHOVELING since it snowed a good amount this week. My Shoulder is just Ripped now! haha 
On christmas Eve we invited a couple investigators to dinner with all the missionaries in massena! That went so well and it was so Good! But it was pretty weird to be away from all the family and friends this christmas, It just felt like any other day up here! But Christmas day was just so great! The downtown Elders and Elder Mecham and I all opened our presents together and had a blast! I got a hand carved HIPPO from a Homeless guy!! That was sweet!
After that we were able to go over to some members homes and eat breakfast, Lunch ...and Dinner and play games. We ate like kings on Christmas Day! Then after a long anticipation i was able to Skype my family!! It was soo good to see them and catch up. 
After The great excitment of Christmas, on Thursday we made our way back down to Utica for our Return and Report. We stayed the night at the mission home and began our awesome training in the morning. There President Wirthlin trained us and gave us ideas on how we can improve our relationships with our companions as well as our teaching skills. It was super helpful!  
This last Sunday we had a great turnout! we had 7 nonmembers and a good amount of less actives there! It was so rewarding to see that our efforts didnt go to waste. I just wanted to Hug everyone! haha So we had an amazing week up here in Massena! (very cold) but amazing! I hope all of you had a Wonderful Christmas and have a joyous New Year! I already have a New years resolution and everything! my goal is to read the Old and New testiment over again. im so Pumped!
 I hope all is well back home! And everyone is staying warm!
Love always, 
Elder Jepsen
P.s Thanks to all of you who sent me all those amazing packages and letters during christmas! YOU WILL be getting letters back eventually i promise! :)
Oh and i hit a Rabbit with a snowball... so that was cool..

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