Monday, December 16, 2013

Great (cold) Dayzz in Massena

 This week was a Great week in Massena! This week went by so fast! 
A pretty big blizzard came up this way and Dusted the area with over a foot and a half of snow. A lot like Utah snow, Very powdery. But its so cold here when the snow comes down it just stays as ice! It's usually in the single digits OR LOWER. Very cold. But Things are starting to look up for the Massena Branch up here!

We have been going around doing all the service we can up here, and i think people are slowly beginning to notice. People are beginning to ask us questions and how long we are here, its great! We are constantly shoveling walks, baking stuff and helping at soup kitchens. The Methodist church up here puts on this huge, food drive for the needy up here so we help alot with that. The Methodists also like us alot because we aren't afraid to work, or sing for them. Elder Tollefson and I are in their choir and we had our first ...concert... recital...thing? At a Nursing home on Saturday so that was great!

Elder Mecham and I have been Meeting with an awesome investigator Family that live way out in the country, They are a Farm family and we love them. They are catching onto the gospel slowly but surely. We have been teaching them alot  about Heavenly father and the plan of salvation and its going really well! They love to hunt and be self reliant so they are pretty legit when it comes to life haha. I have been going on Many exchanges lately, with the Zone leaders as well as the downtown elders. While i was tracting with a zone leader in Brasher we were knocking on doors in negative degree weather and we got a couple potentials so we are super excited about that! I was also on another split with the downtown elders, and we were teaching this really interesting guy, (who's super nice and always makes us cookies) He asked me alot of questions and i asked him alot of questions. And he told me he was Pegan. But he believes in Jesus, but he believes he was a warlock.... Then he started to tell me he believes in the wolf spirit and how he has many spell books and he asked if i could use a spell. Haha so that was interesting. I mostly just tied History into the gospel and how the Mormons never burned witches and that kind of Shut him up. You cant disprove History haha but other than that everything's going great up here I love it.
This last sunday, because of the weather we only had about 10 people show up to sacrament meeting. The missionaries and the 5 oldest members in Massena! Even the old and decrepit came! I thought these people would be used to this new york weather now but... Oh well... All we can do is try to influence them, and try to pull them out of the lazy habits.
I'm so grateful for my testimony of this gospel, And for the greater knowledge ive acquired because of it. And i wouldn't give that up for anything in this world. And i never will. I love this gospel and this season. To be reminded of christs  birth and of his example. So that we may apply it to our live and give thanks for what he has given us. I'm so grateful to be up here in Massena and to Serve the lord.
Anyways again I hope all is well back home. And you all are doing well!
Love always
Elder Jepsen

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